People have to be treated equally, or many people might suffer. -Sharon L., 5th grade

Storytelling plays an important role in how we learn about history and moral lessons. "Hideaway" is suitable for young students first looking at themes of tolerance, heroism and the Holocaust. 


Based on a true story, "Hideaway" was originally written in 1995, and produced in 1996 as a university project.

The film was distributed informally to classrooms until 2007, when the project was awarded a grant from the Zisovich Award for Holocaust Education to update the project for educators and students.  The goal is to have "Hideaway" accessible and relevant to as many educators and students as possible.


We encourage you to explore the activities and information on this website, as well as looking further.

We highly recommend the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Educational Department online.

There are guidelines to teaching the Holocaust, common student questions, timelines, other teaching guides and much more.