Hideaway gives my students an opportunity to understand intolerance on a level that is appropriate for their age. -M. Bruno, 4th grade educator

The "Hideaway" project offers a variety of interactive and multi-media tools to enrich your classrooms' experience.

"Hideaway" can be used for individual or comprehensive lessons in:

  • tolerance
  • heroism
  • values and character
  • genocide and the Holocaust

Designed for 3-6 grades, can be easily adapted for older grades.

Teacher/Student Learning Guide - free and downloadable as a pdf file. Comprehensive viewing, teaching and activity guide. Includes film script and interview transcripts. It is highly recommended to use this companion to the "Hideaway" project.

Write to a Former Hidden Child


Short Stories and Poems - Free and downloadable as a pdf file. Poetry written by Judy as a young girl in hiding, and short stories written recently, reflecting on her childhood experiences.


Art Therapy - Share students' drawings expressing hopes and fears with others through this website here.



Please LET US KNOW if you have downloaded the free teaching guide, are using the film in your classroom, and any comments regarding your teaching experience with the "Hideaway" project. Your feedback helps to keep the project current and useful.

We also encourage you to spread the word to other educators!