Hideaway gives my students an opportunity to understand intolerance on a level that is appropriate for their age. -M. Bruno, 4th grade educator


Subject: Expression/Communication/Creativity

Objective: Communicate self-expression, and empathy for others.

Background: Throughout the film “Hideaway,” we watch Judy expressing herself through her crayon drawings. Through her animations, we get an idea of how Judy is feeling, and what is on her mind. This can be considered a type of art self-therapy, helping her cope through a confusing and complicated time.

Procedure: Discuss Judy’s drawings. Sometimes they appear happy and peaceful (children dancing, nuns singing) when she is feeling safe. Other times she’s scared and confused and expresses this (tanks, planes, soldiers).

Discuss stressful or happy times in students’ own lives.

Draw pictures expressing students’ own happy or worrisome memories.

Write short stories or poems to accompany pictures.

Alternatively, create images about happy and scary moments seen in the film, or illustrate Judy’s poems.

Share pictures with other students by uploading the classwork to be displayed on the “Hideaway” website.

Encourage students to show their uploaded pictures to their family at home, and empathize with other students by viewing their images as well.

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