Hideaway gives my students an opportunity to understand intolerance on a level that is appropriate for their age. -M. Bruno, 4th grade educator



Subject: Expression/Communication/Creativity

Objective: To connect and sympathize

Background: The real Judy and Maria (upon which “Hideaway” is based) both enjoyed reading and writing poetry. As early as age seven, Judy wrote about the frustrations of feeling trapped and her sadness about missing her parents. Maria wrote poetry with themes of peace and justice for all.

Procedure: Download Judy's poetry here.

Watch “Judy’s Poetry” section of the DVD. The real, present-day Judy talks about poetry she wrote as a child in hiding, and reads her poem, “The Prisoner.”

Choose poems to read in class or at home.

Read Judy’s short stories remembering her time in hiding in a convent and with Maria: “Chestnut Boulevard” and “My First and Only Christmas.” (coming soon)

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