Hideaway gives my students an opportunity to understand intolerance on a level that is appropriate for their age. -M. Bruno, 4th grade educator


Objective: To connect and relate through practicing letter writing skills

Background: Judy became a wife, mother, teacher and world traveler, now sharing her time between New York City and Montreal, Canada. She is actively involved in groups with other former hidden children who are busy telling their stories while they still can. Judy is offering a special opportunity for students to link with the past by contacting her directly.

Procedure: Ask students, “If you could meet the real Judy that you saw in the movie, what would you tell her? What questions would you have for her?”

Have students practice formal letter writing and send as emails to (the real) Judy through this website. (click on the Contact tab)

Judy will respond to as many classroom questions and comments as possible through this website.

Judy’s letters of response should be shared and discussed in class for a unique and powerful connection with the film and real hidden children.

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